Retail Assistant

  • Location: Nationwide; including multiple roles in London and the South-East
  • Salary: £9phr
  • Type: Part-time or Full-time
  • Start Date: June 12 2023
  • Ref Number: 3005201801


·         Smile and make eye contact with every guest.

·         Call out to guests to encourage them to the counter to preview their photo.

·         Confidently build up a rapport with your guests by asking them about their day and actively listening to their responses.

·         Build rapport with the guests in an enthusiastic and confident way.

·         Show the guest their photo and make a positive comment.

·         Explain the pricing options to the guest and seek opportunities to upsell/downsell items to theguest.

·         Confidently close the sale.

·         Efficiently complete the sale and clearly explain to the guest where they can collect their photo.

·         Always say thank you and a friendly goodbye leaving your guest with a positive lastingimpression.


Team Behaviours

·         Actively engage and participate in daily briefs and team events.

·         Treat every member of your team with respect.

·         Treat every guest as a Mystery Shopper following the eight steps and establish the Picsolvesales script.

·         Be accountable for your results.

·         Demonstrate a flexible approach using initiative during quiet periods (clean counters, replenish

·         folders etc.) whilst remembering the guest must come before any operational duties.

·         Maintain the highest visual standards at your unit at all times.

·         Ensure your unit is appropriately stocked with the required stock and media available to deliverthe targeted sales.

·         Assist colleagues by recognising when your support is needed in order to achieve team targets.

·         Take responsibility for the till you are assigned to, reporting voids/refunds accurately.

·         You will be required to adapt your role from salesperson to photographer according to the needsof the business.

·         Maintain good communication with line managers and Team Leaders.



·         Maintain a smart appearance with a name badge adhering to the site uniform guidelines.

·         Arrive at given time for work every day in time for your daily brief and sign in and out accurately.

·         Report any system or ride downtime issues to a Team Leader or Manager as soon as possible.

·         Follow site and company policies and procedures.

·         Comply with site health and safety guidelines and report any concerns to management.

·         You will be required to work longer or shorter hours than planned according to the needs of the

·         business.


Qualifications & Experience

Prior experience in sales or customer service would be an advantage but is by no means essential.