Getting The Best From Your Graduates: Top 5 Tips

Clearly define progression opportunities; providing further motivation, clarity and assurances.

Take to stakeholder meetings; even in an observing capacity, allow your graduates to see what your clients, colleagues and suppliers truly require, ensuring that they can tailor their work accordingly.

Investment in Training; you’ve decided to invest in a graduate, but to gain their utmost contribution you must invest further time in training to develop them at the optimum rate. This leads to greater motivational benefits and will ensure that they become more efficient in their roles.

Regular Feedback; hold monthly one-to-one meetings to feedback on performance and upcoming challenges. Regular meetings enable you to provide subtle direction at an early stage if there are any concerns and ensure wasted time is minimised and misunderstandings don’t reach a critical stage.

Provide access to senior management; so that they can buy into the company’s vision statement and ambitions.

If you have any questions about how to benefit from your graduate recruitment, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the team.

The Barclay Search Team

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