Great Benefits of Taking on a New IT Graduate

When you are looking for new staff for your IT business, newly graduated young people can be a rewarding choice. With up to the minute knowledge and practice with the latest tech and methods of working, there are many benefits to choosing to recruit IT graduates. They offer a chance for you to bring in some of the brightest and best candidates for your roles. Here is our guide to IT graduate recruitment.

Taking on a New IT Graduate

Although newly graduated IT specialists will have a great deal of potential, it is important to weigh up the fact that they are likely to have less experience in the workplace than other candidates.  Many graduates will have had the opportunity to undertake some form of work experience either before or while at university.  The fact they learn many transferrable skills during their studies will stand them in good stead within the workplace.

Graduates can offer a huge amount to their employers.  Whilst you risk taking them on with very little ‘real life’ experience, their adaptability and fresh ways of thinking can be highly valuable.  Employing a graduate straight out of university allows you to develop them into the ideal employee, with no old bad habits to break or old routines embedded!  Another great asset of the newly graduated is the fresh perspective they can offer.  Many larger corporations rely on a fresh influx of graduates yearly to inject some new ideas and creative thinking.


Retention and Investment

Once you have taken on a graduate, it is important to begin to mould them into the company way of working.  You could offer training in certain skills or fields, or perhaps hand them certain responsibilities in a project.  Giving responsibilities encourages loyalty and you are more likely to retain your staff.  Feeling valued as an employee is extremely important for new graduates and becoming established within the team will be a vital part of their learning. 

Salaries are an important factor in both the recruitment and retention of graduates. Whilst they are likely to be less expensive than a more experienced person, it is worth bearing in mind that they will expect a decent starting salary.  Many graduate positions start around £16k-£20k.

Sourcing the best graduates

Once you have decided that a fresh graduate is the right choice for your business, take the hassle out of finding the perfect candidates by working with us here at Barclay Search. Being the premier IT recruitment specialists, we can source the strongest candidates for your roles in IT, Cyber Security and more. With close links to the top universities up and down the country, we can make finding the ideal graduate easy.  Get in touch with us today to begin finding the next graduate for your business.We're a Recruitment Agency in Guildford but work with clients all over the UK.

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