How To Target The Best Graduates

1) Social media recruitment; using social media to frequently interact with candidates on an informal basis allows you to gain an understanding about their personality, level of interest and communication styles. Fostering communication also makes you a more attractive and active employer in building your company brand.

2) Visit university campuses on a regular basis; undertaking presentations to undergraduates, sponsoring student societies and hosting workshops enables your company to build relations and a reputation on campus. It takes time and a great deal of effort, but it develops your reputation as an expert and fosters trust and communication channels. By supporting careers departments, they will learn your requirements and culture and will be able to point superior candidates to you.

3) Internships for undergraduates; offering non-contractual work to introduce new, flexible and motivated staff is the most reliable method of attracting and assessing new employees. At the same time, they will be given the opportunity to gauge your team; understanding your leadership style, procedures and culture, that will enable them to hit the ground running if you were to employ them on a permanent basis upon graduation.

Of the three methods, offering internships can often render graduate recruitment programmes redundant and with the job market so competitive, undergraduates are recognising that they can’t rely on simply an Upper Second Class result. Hence, internships are extremely popular with undergraduates and enable companies to introduce talented, mouldable and accommodating recruits that bring new insights and happily relieve the workload pressure on colleagues in the short-term. Such placements will further allow you to secure “first dibs” on the most able graduates in the long-term!

Barclay Search has invested a great deal of time in building relationships with universities and affords companies with access to the most talented undergraduates and graduates; from providing short-term support in a paid internship to managing annual graduate schemes or full-time graduate employment positions. We undertake all of the administration in the complete process; from writing the job description to preparing the contractual agreement between both parties we save your time, money and administration efforts when taking on new employees.

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