Why Hire an IT Graduate?

Hiring a talented young person has changed dramatically over the last 10-20 years with the advent of new technologies and the increase in the numbers of individuals heading to university to get a degree. Recent graduates are incredibly keen to get into the work place and, by choosing the right one, you’ll be adding a valuable member to your team. But what are the reasons for choosing an IT graduate over anyone else?

Enthusiasm: Recent graduates know how tough the job market can be and will want to work hard and learn quickly to prove themselves in the workplace. They will also be driven to progress quickly which will also positively affect their work ethic.

Pay Levels: It is highly unlikely that you will find a graduate that has all of the skills and experience that you need to fill a position. However, their rate of pay will reflect this lack of experience and, in exchange for proper training and relevant experience, will start on a lower rate of pay than a fully rounded individual would demand.

A Different Perspective:

Diversity is a bit of a buzzword at the moment in all areas of business; none more so that recruiting. It is important to have a mixture of backgrounds, ages, sexes, races within your organisation as each will bring different outlooks to the table. Recent graduates are likely to have fresh, innovative ideas and may have ideas on how to target a younger audience.


Fresh graduates are usually very adaptable to situations. Although this shouldn’t be taken advantage of by forcing them to work long hours you will often find that a graduate will be the first to put their hand up for extra hours, new opportunities and as they are unlikely to have commitments (such as children) which your older employees may have they are likely to be more flexible with their time.


When you hire an experienced candidate, you are also bringing in all of their bad habits that they may have learned in their previous position. Some of these can be very difficult to change to conform to your businesses way of doing things. A Graduate, however, is ready to be shaped into your perfect employee.

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