CV Tips


Whilst there are many variations in the presentation of a C.V., there are a few fundamental basics;

i)          It should be printed on good quality and uncreased white A4 paper.

ii)         It should be typed in clear text, for example in ‘Times New Roman’ font in number ‘12’ font size.

iii)        It should not include photographs of yourself, garish colours or unusual decorative texts or     


Whilst there are a vast array of formats for a C.V., we offer an example of a skills-based C.V. that can be broken down into the following five sections:

Personal Details 

Current address, date of birth, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address.

Skills & Achievements

Two or three lines of achievements and examples of when you have demonstrated each of the following skills: Teamwork, Effective Communication, Initiative-taking, Problem Solving and Technical Skills.

Employment History

Starting with your most recent employment, provide the following information; Firm, Date Employed, Position, Reference contact e-mail address and bullet points of the tasks that were required of you.

Academic Qualifications

Write a brief review of your most recent academic qualifications, highlighting the skills that you have obtained. For all academic qualifications, from GCSE grades upwards, include the name of your School/College/ University, the dates upon which you attended the institution, the grades received and an academic reference contact e-mail address.

Activities and Interests

Write a very brief bullet-pointed list of a maximum of four of your activities and interests. Use these to highlight the transferable skills, if applicable.

The Skills-based CV format proved most popular in research undertaken with our clients and benefits students and graduates with a minimal work history since it enables them to demonstrate when they have met job description requirements with examples taken from outside of the working world. For example; ‘Strong communications / organisation skills: during school, I was part of the production team of a house play/captained the 3rd XV, which necessitated the organisation of various team members across different fractions of the school and diaries’.

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