Knowing When It is Time to Recruit New Staff

Running a business is certainly a challenging task for most people, however one of the trickiest parts to manage is that of the workforce.  Knowing when the right time is to take on new staff is difficult, and it often comes as part of a delicate balancing act.  Taking on new staff means more expense, but at the same time, more productivity.  Here at Barclay Search, we can certainly help you find the right people for any positions you have available but knowing when the perfect time to hire is can be the hardest decision for many companies! Here are some of the key signs to spot when it is time to expand your workforce.


Staff Burnout


Working hard is part of the job for most employees, but it is important to recognise when the work is becoming too much for your team to handle.  If team members are saying that they are struggling to get all their work done, this is perhaps a warning that there could be too many responsibilities and not enough staff to manage them.  Another major giveaway is if you notice more projects not getting finished, projects taking much longer than usual to complete and if your team are becoming stressed and grumpy!  If you do not deal with staff burnout, you may be at risk of staff leaving which increases the pressure on the remaining staff even more.


Poor Customer Service


If you are noticing that you are getting complaints from customers about quality of products or services, the time it is taking to get their orders, or perhaps the time it is taking for their call to be answered, it could be that you need to invest in more staff to handle these issues.  An extra body to manage phone calls, deal with customer issues and generally smooth over the cracks can make a huge difference to the way your company operates.


How We Can Help


Barclay Search can help you to find the perfect staff for your recruitment needs; we have specialist recruiters on hand to help you recruit for your industry. Known as the premier recruitment agencies Surrey, from cyber security to finance and IT, we have the connections and networks to seek out the best qualified candidates for your roles.  Talk to our team today or view our candidates online.

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